Since its development, OnSSET has been employed for a high number of studies presented at international conferences and published on peer reviewed journals. Here you find a list of the publications on OnSSET, which is going to be continuously updated.


Εnergy specialists

In the policymaking arena, electrification planning is often captured by private consultants’ analytical infrastructure. The open source nature and the modular structure of the developed tool allow users to build and modify the code according to their requirements and sources and to develop rapid cost effective electrification plans with minimal resource and computational requirements as compared to existing electrification planning tools that are time-, data- and resource- intensive.


OnSSET can be used by graduate students to enhance its functionalities and develop new applications in order to help address energy access issues. Enabling graduate students to build and iteratively develop formal energy planning models will impart this knowledge base to very wide range of energy market roles and positions.


OnSSET community welcomes professionals and experts from different levels: decision makers, policy officers, energy planners, developers of new model functionalities, programmers. All your valuable comments and contributions are welcomed here.


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